Saturday, January 24, 2015

Investment appeal of Odessa Ukraine

Investment appeal of Odessa Ukraine

    The most investment attractive area in Ukraine, for investors, on all indicators and criteria of long-term and favorable investments, is Odessa region with an administrative center, the city of Odessa. ODESSA - the city on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, the administrative center of Odessa region located on the northwest coast of the Black Sea, on crossing of ways from Northern and Central Europe to the Middle East and to Asia, the main port of Ukraine. The developed network of highways, city arrangement in proximity from the Danube Rivers, Dnestr, the Southern Bug and Dnepr, and also large seaports of Ukraine: Odessa, Ilyichevsk and Youzhny — in combination with the Odessa international airport and the Odessa railroad, create favorable unique prerequisites for reception, processing, storage and transportation of freights, and also processings of powerful passenger traffics.

In April, 2013 the IBI-Rating Rating agency, assigned to Odessa high score of investment appeal "invA +". And the Ukrainian credit rating agency (UCRA) assigned to Odessa long-term credit score of "uaA" (stable). In July, 2013 the American business magazine Forbes, published data of the rating of investment appeal for the international business of the Ukrainian cities in which Odessa took the second place in a rating. In 2013 the Odessa city council, for the first time accepted the plan of Strategy of an economic and social development of the city of Odessa till 2022 where strategic objectives and projects of a development of the city are specified. It already works today and allows to use financial opportunities in decision-making and ensuring planning of investment activity. The city of Odessa it is recognized in Ukraine as the most comfortable, safe and provided city for life, and also the leader in Ukraine on construction of housing and commercial malls.

In October, 2013, in the capital of Ukraine the city of Kiev I passed annual All-Ukrainian competition on a rank "The settlement of the best improvement and support of a public order". The main criteria of an assessment of the cities — a condition of housing stock, the maintenance of roads, green zones, external lighting and infrastructure development. From 70 cities and the settlements of Ukraine, the first place was divided among themselves by the city of Kiev and the city of Odessa. The city of Odessa is recognized as the coziest, beautiful and safe city of Ukraine. Odessa is the cultural capital of the southern region of Ukraine. In Odessa eight cultural centers successfully work: 
Arab cultural center 
Bavarian house Odessa 
British Council World club of Inhabitants of Odessa Greek 
cultural center Israeli 
cultural center Center of the Bulgarian culture 
French cultural center

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cristmas time in Odessa Ukraine.

     The main actions will begin on December 31 on Dumskaya Square. In the beginning will congratulate the least inhabitants of Odessa – they will be addressed by Fathers Frost of the whole world. They promise to tell stories, to play an even to leave a gift.

The main concert program will begin at 21.00. Told one of organizers of action, the first the Odessa performers will appear on stage.

Аfter a congratulation of the president of Ukraine and the mayor Odessa, will step on the stage Vinnytsia vocal group. A concert will come to the end with a disco and the DJ parade who will last to three o'clock in the morning.

Between performances will pass competitions where will play prizes – from small appliances to plasma TVs in breaks! For those inhabitants of Odessa who prefer to meet New year of the home, will organize a live broadcast on the G-TV channel.

On Deribasovskaya Street present the biggest gingerbread, of 12 meters! Also on January 4 bicycle race of Fathers Frost is planned. They have to be passed from Pale- Royal through all city and return on Dumskaya Square. In completion of everything, till January 9, will pass Christmas concert programs in the City Gardens.