Sunday, September 18, 2016

According to InterNations, 85% of the foreigners living in Ukraine, are happy with the level of the expenses.

Ukraine - the country with the lowest cost of life for foreigners

Ukraine has won first place, on availability of cost of life, and the second — on the level of satisfaction with private financial means, for foreigners in the rating of Expat Insider 2016. The rating made by experts of InterNations — the largest community of the people living and working abroad is based on data of poll of more than 14 thousand people representing 174 nationalities and 191 countries. According to results of a research, on the level of personal satisfaction. expats. the financial position. Ukraine took the second place, having yielded to Taiwan, but having outstripped Ecuador. In a reytnga of the cost (availability) of life. Ukraine took the first place, having entered into top three with Thailand and Taiwan.

It is noted that nearly three quarters of respondents (74%) consider that the income available to them considerably exceeds the level necessary for them for life in Ukraine. 45% of respondents say that life cost in the country is very available that exceeds the average world indicator (14%) more than three times. In general, 85% of respondents are satisfied with the expenses in Ukraine while only 6% can tell something bad about the finance. Three quarters of respondents. also consider the Ukrainian subsistence minimum, a potential benefit of Ukraine as the countries for resettlement. We will remind, in March Kiev was recognized as the best European city of the future, from the point of view of profitability at tender of the Foreign Direct Investment Magazine "European Cities and Regions of the Future 2016−2017" edition. Kiev outstripped Bucharest, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Ankara, Minsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow in the nomination.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hiring a Luxury Holiday Villa in Odessa Ukraine

 Planning to spend a holiday session in Ukraine? Well, many super cool spots are available to spend the summer holidays. Odessa and Arcadia are two great places to enjoy the stay. Each place has its own glitz and glamour to experience. Odessa Ukraine is a beautiful island resort that experiences strong tourist presence during the summer as well winter seasons. There are rental luxury villa house in Odessa Ukraine used for tourist accommodation purpose. These are no ordinary villas but great options to talk about. These are luxury villas with all the luxury amenities and facilities

 When looking for private Rent apartments in Arcadia Odessa, one needs to focus certain aspects. The first thing to consider is the location. How well placed is the villa? What is the exact location? Is it provides a great view of the ocean? How far away is it from the actual town? Try to sort out these questions properly. Next, it is necessary to focus on the rental rates. Most of the luxury villas have an expensive rental rate associated with them. Rental rates basically depend on the facilities offered by the villa authorities.

Next, it is important to have clear information about the total number of rooms available in the villa. Most of the Luxury Villa House Odessa Ukraine feature three to four bedrooms, a single kitchen with separate dining space, a store room, an activity room, a rooftop bar and swimming pool. A nice lawn surrounds the villa from every side. Some villas are also equipped with a garage. When planning to rent a villa, ensure that it offers twenty-four hours electricity, water, and security. 

Odessa Ukraine is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is the third largest city in Ukraine. There are several notable attractions to enjoy in this part of Ukraine. However, what matters most is the property pricing in this part of Ukraine. There are so many luxury villas, private apartments, and guest houses available on rental basis. Many people look to purchase the apartment or a villa to enjoy the stay once in a year to their visit to this part of the world. Many of the people also opt for rental apartment options. Odessa is a port that enjoys strong tourist presence all throughout the year.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Real Estate Odessa, Ukraine

The most expensive real estate in Odessa Ukraine.

Odessa not only Southern capital of Ukraine. With all that it implies, but also, now, the city with the most expensive real estate in a seaside zone. The real modern palaces with author's design, a molding and sculptures; huge apartments overlooking the sea; and even houses with own beaches … All this costs to much, but. Nevertheless, it is quite available to wealthy people. So, the first place in this rating - a mansion between 8 and 9 stations of the big Fountain with an exit to a beach, in Vanny Lane. Its cost makes 5,7 million dollars. 

In the house is available: elevator, 7 rooms, 5 bathrooms (balconies, terraces, wardrobe, office + certain safe room). Drawing room 170 sq.m., garage of 220 sq.m., billiard room of 60 sq.m., Site of 19 hundred parts. In an interior only brands. The total area of the house - 1100 sq.m. Sellers call the house the most specific, one and only in Odessa, the most refined and exclusive. On the second place – the neighbour's house in Vanny Lane. Its price makes 4,5 million dollars, and the area – 700 sq.m. the house is located on a land plot of 10 hundred parts in the closed cooperative. From the yard there is the descent to the sea. The house in 2012 is built. In it is mute expensive classical situation. Doors, the equipment, finishing - all in style, the certain building 2kh эт. SPA with the big swimming pool. In the house elevator from French production. 

On the third place with the same price – a mansion, of 900 square meters on Fontanskaya Road. The elite house by the sea on is gone on a land plot to 12,5 hundred parts in the closed protected territory. On a site the certain room for security, an arbor of summer and winter type, the pool, a pond with the fountain, a playground, exclusive landscaping. In the house a marble ladder, marble heated floors, marble window sills. The separate block for servants, the guest block, two children's levels, terraces and sunbeds, garage on 2 cars, the billiard hall with the bar and the game room, to boors, the pool, is a lot of utility rooms and wardrobe rooms, 9 with/at, a game nursery, house minimovie theater. The fire alarm system with electronic control, the security alarm system, system of external and internal video surveillance, a full electronic microclimate in all rooms and rooms. System autonomous electro and water supply. 
 The fourth position at the real palace, near Frantsuzsky Boulevard. The two-storeyed house, square 530 sq.m. is located ра to Morskoy Street, directly over the Joy beach. The house is built on the individual design project from a red brick, finishing by valuable breeds of a tree. Autonomous providing. A well-groomed beautiful site of 14 hundred parts overlooking the sea. The price is 4 million 300 thousand us dollars. 

On the five line of a rating – 3-level, two-storeyed house, on 10 stations of the Big Fountain. Its price – 3,5 million dollars. The area of the house is-580 sq.m. External walls of the house are revetted with the polished travertine. Floors - the massif of an oak and marble, on walls the American wall-paper, exclusive furniture in English style, in children's bedrooms - a design interior. All furniture exclusive, chandeliers in one style. There is a pool, a patio with a brazier, the tandoor, the Alpine hill. Landscaping with autowatering. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Restaurants in Odessa Ukraine, overlooking the sea.

Restaurants in Odessa Ukraine, overlooking the sea.

The summer in Odessa is, first of all, the sea and beach. The cafe and restaurants opened the summer platforms, institutions directly on the coast are ready to accept visitors. If you like to eat and have a rest tasty on a beach – to you here : made a selection of the Odessa cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea coast of the city of Odessa.

Odessa Local people are convinced that in their city the best restaurants in the Ukraine. Beautiful city Odessa which was located on the Black Sea coast long since had attractive force for travelers. About it there were legends and songs, he received the most beautiful definitions, like a pearl by the sea. Historical and cultural monuments, beaches and clubs, theaters and concert halls, the best restaurants in Odessa are ready to a meeting with the favourite tourist. It is necessary only to choose a place and time.

Odessa – a pearl of the black sea, – which is famous for hospitable people, the best parties and magnificent restaurants. To visit Odessa once – there isn’t enough, here pulls again and again. Also believe, every time you will open all new and new places in this wonderful city. We will begin with the best places – restaurants and cafe!

Monday, April 13, 2015

That will be with Odessa in 15 years.

That will be with Odessa in 15 years.

Odessa city council accepted the General plan of Odessa — the document regulating the main directions of a development of the city in the next years. Now the Odessa City government, and locals Odessa people, received the accurate development plan. In the document and on the accompanying cards it is specified where it is possible to build houses and hotels and where there will be parks, will pave new ways and there will be new objects — bus station, business centers, a zoo

Odessa will be the business, industrial and tourist regional center of Ukraine. Construction of houses and highways will develop. Construction of new residential areas. Complexes of apartment buildings will build in the territory of airfield "School" and on marshy places, the former fields of a filtration near the Hadzhibeysky estuary. Complex reconstruction of the most shabby houses provided on the Moldavanka district, Bugayevka district. Increase in number of green plantings. New islands of greens will appear on the area over 900 hectares (now green zones occupy only 742 hectares — 35% of norm). NEW PARKS AND ZOO. On fields of an irrigation will create a new zoo and children's park like "Disneyland", and historical and archaeological park. Construction of three highways. Roads "North - South-1", "North - South-2", "West-East" will be constructed. The settlement Kotovskogo district and the center will be connected by the line of the high-speed tram. CONSTRUCTION of NEW STATIONS. Railway and automobile stations will appear on the 3rd Outpost. Railway tracks which conduct to the station "Odessa-main", "will bury" under the earth, and over them the business center is erected.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Odessa - A pearl on the coast of the Black Sea.

Odessa - A pearl on the coast of the Black Sea.

Odessa is a very beautiful and jolly city. When you come here you shall not believe your eyes: sunny streets, fresh sea breeze, branchy chestnuts, monuments, parks, museums and magnificent architecture. People of Odessa are very friendly, funny, communicative and open. There is a lot of beautiful women and men here. It is a great place to find a new friend and have fun. Odessa is always celebrating something. The most popular holidays are New Year, Orthodox Christmas (the 7th of January), Humor Day (the 1st of April), May Day (the 1st - the 2nd of May), Easter, the Birthday of the city (the 2nd of September) and there are many other holidays and fiestas.

The climate of Odessa is moderately continental and comparatively dry with more than 290 sunny days in the year in the South Ukraine (Black Sea coast, Crimea). Winter is short and mild with an average temperature of around freezing point. Falling snow and temperatures below minus 5 Celsius are rare. Summer is long and hot with an average temperature of 25 Celsius. Temperatures above 35 Celsius are quite often. A mild climate, plenty of beaches, and the Black Sea attract thousands of tourists to Odessa throughout the year, earning it the title of "Southern Palmyra." Odessa is an eating and drinking place. There are so many different cuisines, small and big restaurants, bars, national Ukrainian and even local dishes. Odessa is looking after itself and always in shape. You can find here pools, professional beauty saloons, fitness centers, ice-skating, rollers stadiums, Aqua Park and so on.

Good reason to see a performance at the world famous Opera House. The Opera House is interesting not only by its architecture, but by its rich creative history. The great merit in the development of musical culture in the south of Ukraine belongs to this theatre. P. Tchaikovsky, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, S. Rachmaninoff, Ezhen Izai, Pablo Sarasate and others performed their works at the famous Opera House. You can spend your time on the Black Sea and to enjoy many beautiful Odessa beaches. Odessa's beach, which actually is made up of several beaches running some 40 km or more, possesses a sea wall and small-scale eating and drinking establishments. During the summer, particularly the Lanzheron, Otrada, Delfin, Luzanovka, Fountain, Arkadia beaches are wall-to-wall people, but solitude seekers can find quiet by walking farther. The sandy beaches are ideal for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. You can have a very good boat or yacht journey to the open Sea.

Odessa is famous for its nightlife. There are many nightclubs, disco clubs, casinos and entertainment places here. Especially in the summer, you can visit Arcadia or Luzanovka beaches where more than 20 different types of night clubs are located.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vacation in Odessa, Ukraine 2015

Vacation in Odessa, Ukraine 2015

Falling of hryvnia exchange rate at the end of 2014 caused so sharp falling of the prices of rent across all Ukraine and in Odessa in particular. The prices of some offers fell twice. The prices of rent of elite real estate, the house and Willa, considerably fell in Odessa. Now the situation is dictated by tenants, and owners should do them discounts, after all differently they can't hand over the objects at all. Now in fully measure it is difficult to predict a situation in the Odessa market of rent real estate in 2015. However, one is clear: The exchange, rate of Hryvnia in the Ukrainian bank in relation to American dollar grew, thus, also the rent prices in Odessa fall.

In comparison with 2013, the season for rest in Odessa will be much cheaper for guests and tourists. villas and houses presented in our catalog will be with a good discount for your budget.

When looking for private Rent apartments in Arcadia Odessa, one needs to focus certain aspects. There are rental luxury villa house in Odessa Ukraine used for tourist accommodation purpose. These are no ordinary villas but great options to talk about. These are luxury villas with all the luxury amenities and facilities. The first thing to consider is the location. How well placed is the villa? What is the exact location? Is it provides a great view of the ocean? How far away is it from the actual town? Try to sort out these questions properly. Next, it is necessary to focus on the rental rates. Most of the luxury villas have an expensive rental rate associated with them.